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Our unique expertise rests in our prior roles as former in-house full stack developers, product managers, operators and investors. We've built scalable and sophisticated technology applications, built and operated technology companies and maintain a keen eye for design. The sectors of financial and real estate technology are where we thrive, although many of the best practices we use within finance are often applied across industries.

Kenneth Mendonça

Kenneth architects and engineers all of our software, integrating our models, turning our designs into user-friendly interfaces and ensuring all Fulcrum Labs products are operating seamlessly.

Formerly, Kenneth worked for a growing InsureTech start-up where he helped scale their product to thousands of users. Prior to that, Kenneth was the sole backend engineer at TapCap where he built an array of cloud based tools used to originate and underwrite multifamily loans at scale.

Kenneth received his bachelors in Neuroscience & Behavior from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Maxwell Wu

Maxwell bridges the gap between finance and technology, developing strategies and products with data that help businesses capture value and operate in the digital age.

Formerly, he was the Chief Underwriter at TapCap, where he most notably created the firm’s underwriting algorithm and grew the lending pipeline from zero to $1B in two quarters. Previously, he has been a private equity investor and investment banker underwriting over $10B in real estate across all asset classes.

Maxwell graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara and received a Masters in Real Estate from Columbia University.

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"The digitization of commerce has been accelerated, pushing businesses online likely years earlier than expected"

How We Work

Our Process



We work collaboratively with your team in understanding your company’s short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives. In doing so, we uncover the unique aspects of your business and what differentiates it from the competition.


Once we distill your objectives and refine your value proposition, we develop a roadmap to achieve your objectives through technology and data solutions that enhance and clearly showcase your value proposition.


We don’t overbuild products or solutions, saving you time and resources. We create a minimal viable product able to achieve roadmap objectives. From here we test and iterate; test and iterate, until we arrive at an effective and most importantly, scalable solution that grows with your business.


Technology and data are tools, and our experienced team of engineers, data scientists, designers and entrepreneurs understand this. When architecting and developing the solution, our team ensures your business and people are considered and incorporated into the process.

Implementation & Support

Developing a finished product is only part of the solution. Implementation, execution and measurability are key to a successful launch and maintaining its success. We provide on-going support to ensure you optimize the value of our solutions.
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Our clients range from fintech and proptech companies to established investment managers, lenders, brokers, engineering and architecture firms, restaurant groups and service providers alike seeking to leverage our expertise and digitize their businesses

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