The future of
commercial real
estate finance

We transform the most sophisticated lenders, brokerages & advisory firms into the tech-enabled companies they aim to become. Fulcrum Labs builds, launches & scales digital mortgage programs faster than ever before. 


Fulcrum Labs is a real estate technology company
building for tomorrow, today.

LoanCenter™ - our white-label mortgage technology solution, streamlines all aspects of digital mortgage origination with features designed for each phase of the process, accelerating digital transformation and maximizing distribution channels without the need for additional IT resources.


Stay ahead of the curve with LoanCenter™

Employ LoanCenter™ to achieve all of your origination goals.


Quoting Engine · Letter of Intent & Exclusivity · Fee Collection

Leverage Fulcrum’s robust core infrastructure to power meaningful direct-to-consumer experiences online.


Digital Communications · Digital Workflows · Originator Distribution

Equip originators with modern technology that streamlines the day-to-day sales process and enhances the overall customer experience.


Developer Tools

Build atop an infrastructure strong enough to stand on its own and flexible enough to support your existing enterprise architecture on-prem or in the cloud.

Digitize. Today. Launch your online lending platform with Fulcrum Lab's flexible APIs.


Build quickly with our developer-friendly APIs, documentation, and ready-to-assist implementation specialists.


Create a one-of-a-kind consumer experience with everything from quote to payment directly on your site or app.


Leverage platform user data to make data-driven decisions for new products to enhance the customer experience.

Powerful tools, powering your lending platform.

Each LoanCenter™ configuration has its own set of complexities, yet, the end result is always the same — a better customer experience. Benefit from streamlined sales, quoting, underwriting, LOI execution & fee collection.

Scale. Fast.

Fulcrum takes the time to understand your company culture, product offerings and market. We work alongside you as an extention of your team to launch your loan platform.


Define innovation goals


Customize Platform


Evaluate Platform experience


Fast access for all users


Support and enhance Platform

Your Partner for
digital transformation

Each partnership has its own unique rhythm with a core focus on delivering a best-in-class user experience that reflects the essence of your brand.

Care for the consumer

Rely on a team that fully understands the needs of your customer and a Platform that ensures you deliver on your promises — every time.

Native brand design

Maintain the branding you’ve built your name on. The LoanCenter™ implementation will look and operate just like your existing brand identity.

Seamless integration

Integrate Fulcrum’s tech agnostic Platform with existing environments, first- and third-party data sources, internal systems, and more for streamlined operations.

Fast delivery

Speed through planning, configuration, and implementation thanks to our robust APIs. Don’t wait years to achieve your goals, go live in a matter of weeks.

Grow differently than your competition.